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For academics: explore our research

For academics: explore our research

The scientific details of our current research projects.

Project Name Primary Location Principal Investigatorsort descending
Translation elongation factors and the selective vulnerability of motor neurons Edinburgh Abbott, Cathy
New drugs that stabilise motor axons (UK Spinal Muscular Atrophy Consortium) Edinburgh Becker, Catherina
Neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) as therapeutic targets in MND Aberdeen Bewick, Guy
Modelling MND using human induced pluripotent stem cells Edinburgh Chandran, Siddharthan
Speak:Unique Evaluation Glasgow Ferrie, Jo
Futures MND Qualitative Project Glasgow Ferrie, Jo
Developing new therapies for motor neurone disease (SMA and ALS) Edinburgh Gillingwater, Tom
Signaling pathways to degeneration and resilience Edinburgh Hardingham, Giles
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain repair Edinburgh Herrgen, Leah
Molecular characterisation of underlying systemic pathologies in spinal muscular atrophy Glasgow Hunter, Gillian
Delineating the role of defects in the ubiquitin--proteasome system in MND Glasgow Kurz, Thimo
Studying myelinated axon biology using zebrafish Edinburgh Lyons, David
Pathophysiological disease mechanisms underlying motor neuron dysfunction in MND St Andrews Miles, Gareth
CARE-MND Edinburgh Pal, Suvankar
Cardiovascular and organ pathology in spinal muscular atrophy Aberdeen Parson, Simon
Biomedicine, Self and Society Edinburgh Pickersgill, Martyn
Speak:Unique, The Voicebank Research Project Edinburgh Rewaj, Phillipa
Pathogenesis of neuromuscular synaptic dysfunction and transmission failure in organophosphate toxicity Edinburgh Ribchester, Richard
Development of confocal endomicroscopy for MND research Edinburgh Ribchester, Richard
The cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative disease Edinburgh Skehel, Paul
Investigating links between MND and RNA biology St Andrews Sleeman, Judith
Edinburgh Brain Bank Edinburgh Smith, Colin
A potential role for synapses in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Edinburgh Spires-Jones, Tara